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Aero Design’s machine shop utilizes modern manufacturing techniques with Haas CNC 3-axis, 5-axis, and simultaneous 5-axis milling. We have experience machining common aerospace materials including 2xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx series aluminum, steel, stainless steels, titanium and Inconel®. Our valued relationships with our material suppliers and secondary process vendors allow quick turnaround and high-quality heat treating, plating, florescent dye penetrant inspections, chemical conversion coating, anodizing, priming, painting and many other finishing needs.


Producing custom, precise parts in an efficient manner has made Aero Design a competitive manufacturer for prime Department of Defense contractors and other cutting-edge aerospace companies pushing the bounds of manned air and space flight. Please review equipment list and capabilities at the bottom of this page.

Machine Shop


Several in-house lasers allow for rapid prototype and accurate alignment jig creation. Our 150W and 40W CO2 lasers can cut up to 0.5” thick acrylic and plywood along with a variety of other materials. These laser-cut parts have been utilized for bond alignment fixtures, weld fixtures, mockups, even vehicle alignment fixtures. The 80Amp plasma cutter provides cutting of up to 0.75” thick aluminum and steel for similar ground support equipment and fixturing needs.


Our 30W Master Oscillator Power Amplifier (MOPA) laser can mark/engrave an array of materials. It can even make colored part markings on stainless steel and titanium. Add serial numbers, company logos, or instructions to your parts.

For more precise work we have a great relationship with a nearby waterjet vendor.

Laser Marking.png
Part Making


  • Haas GM-2 - 145" x 87.5" x 22" CNC Mill 3-Axis 
  • Haas UMC-500 - 24"x 16"x 16" CNC Mill 5-Axis
  • Haas VF-2 - 30"x 16"x 20" CNC Mill 3-Axis
  • Haas TL-1 - 16"x 30" CNC Lathe 2.1" through bore
  • Hardinge HVL-H - 11"x 18" Manual Lathe
  • Laser Cutter - 51"x 71" 150W CO2 Laser
  • Laser Cutter - 12"x 24" 40W CO2 Laser
  • Laser Marking - 30W MOPA Laser with Scan Head
  • Lulzbot TAZ6 - 11"x 11"x 9.8" 3D Printer PLA & ABS
  • TECNA TE90 MKII - 50kVa Spot Welder
  • Miller Dynasty 300 - 300amp TIG Welder
  • Miller Dynasty 200DX - 200amp TIG Welder
  • Miller Syncrowave 250DX - 250amp TIG Welder
  • Millermatic 252 - MIG Welder
  • Lincoln Torchmate 4800 - 48"x 96" 80amp CNC Plasma (Cuts up to 3/4" THK Metal)
  • Tennsmith HBU48-16 - 61" Box and Pan Brake
  • Pexto Stomp Shear - 36" Stomp Shear
  • DoALL 2013-v - 20"x13" Vertical Bandsaw
  • Grizzly G0561 - 7"x12" Horizontal Bandsaw
  • Despatch - 18"x18"x18" Oven
  • Rotex 18A - 0.0625" - 2" 18 Station Turret Punch
  • Hexagon Leica AT960 MR - Laser Tracker with 65’ Radial Range
  • Romer Arm 7725 - 7-Axis Ultra-High Accuracy CMM Arm w/Integrated Scanner
  • Brown & Sharpe Xcel 765 - Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • Standridge Granite - 48"x72" Grade A Granite Table
  • Standridge Granite - 36"x48" Grade A Granite Table
  • Starrett 0"-72" - Height Gauges
  • Metrology Tools - Mitutoyo Calipers, Micrometers, Depth Gauges, Gauge Blocks, Pin & Ring Gauges, etc.
  • Aircraft Hardware - AN, MS, NAS, HiLok, Clickbond, AMP & other specialty aircraft hardware
Laser Cutting

Parts Gallery

Equipment List



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